Mother Bear Tries To Cross The Road With Her Rebellious Cubs And The Cars Wait Patiently.

No matter how hard parents try to watch their little ones and keep them safe, they will always find a way to test mom or dad’s patience. Regardless of the species, controlling your children can be a really daunting task, and one video, which has gone viral on the web, shows a succession of very familiar and extremely sweet scenes that any parent can relate to. A mother bear struggles to get her cubs to pass on a busy American highway.


image credit: ViralHog/Youtube

Tenacity, patience, and attention: the mother tries to take each of her four cubs and take them to the opposite side of the road. Behind her, the cars stop patiently, waiting for her to complete her mission. While the mother takes each little one by the skin of the neck and crosses the road with the little one hanging from its mouth, behind her, the others play and climb on a lamppost.


image credit: ViralHog/Youtube

The mother goes back and tries to perform the operation with another little bear, but the one who had arrived at his destination again joins the brothers to play. So she tries, without much success, to catch the first one and then the other small. The video stops and we see two of the cubs playing in the middle of the road.


image credit: ViralHog/Youtube

Those who witnessed this scene, both moving and funny, say that it took about twenty minutes before the operation was crowned with success: the four brothers were too busy playing to follow the instructions of the mother, who finally managed to cross the road with the cubs. The reactions on the Internet are numerous and all show us that, whatever the species, all mothers have one thing in common: patience and determination.


image credit: ViralHog/Youtube

Some people said they recognized themselves in the scene: a mother of three daughters went through the same situation every time she took her daughters out of the house. There are also those who think nostalgically about the days when they had to take care of their children: when children grow up and become completely independent, parents often feel “useless”. But there are also those who are touched by the care of the mother bear: no matter how old the children are, the parents will always continue to take care of them.

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