Woman Films Herself Unknowingly Taking In Hand One Of The Most Poisonous Animals In The World.

Sometimes we do things that seem absolutely harmless to us but which, in a second step, turn out to be times when we risked our lives. Whether through recklessness or recklessness, it is certain that certain “borderline” episodes mark the spirits. Like the one, we’re about to tell you.

This woman is a TikTok user who held one of the most dangerous animals in nature in her hands. This is not the first time that we have told you about similar things: in this case, however, it seems that this woman did it in a totally unconscious way. It was a risk for her, and she was lucky enough to be able to relate it afterward!


image credit: @_kalynmarie21/TikTok – doobiedukesims/Youtube

Nous sommes in Bali, and the animal in question is a small octopus in anillas bleus ( greater blue-ringed octopus ). A creature that, at first glance, may seem totally harmless, and even very beautiful to admire. However, if provoked, it uses defensive tactics that leave virtually no chance to its prey, whether animal or human.

Not only does it change color, turning bright yellow thanks to the aposematic warning technique, but it is also capable of emitting a very poisonous neurotoxin – tetrodotoxin – capable of causing progressive paralysis of the muscles. In short: a small animal which, with its 10-20 cm, involves a much greater danger. To give you a better idea, consider that the poison it injects is considered to be 100 times more toxic than cyanide and that at first the bite is painless, so it may be too late by the time you get down. reports on what happened.


image credit: @_kalynmarie21/TikTok – doobiedukesims/Youtube

Describing all of this, it’s not hard to understand how lucky TikTok user @ _kalynmarie21 was when she picked up this little octopus on Uluwatu beach in Bali . What looked like a charming and exotic specimen of local wildlife was actually a very dangerous time bomb , ready to explode with all of its venom.


image credit: Jens Petersen/Wikimedia

Although the story ended well, we can only hope that it was not a “coup” specially concocted to receive a little “notoriety” on the social network. Anyway, this is a new episode that confirms that we must always be careful with nature , especially in contexts that we do not know … She has escaped it narrow, you do not find not ?

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