29 Of The Most Beautiful Pigeon Species In The World

Who knew that pigeons would be so beautiful and strange?

The pigeons that we usually see in cities are generally one species, but there are more that you may not even know. There is a wide variety of beautiful and unusual pigeons around the world. This photo gallery shows the strangest and most beautiful pigeons out there.

Depending on the species, pigeons live in different ecosystems around the world. They are actually interesting animals once you start learning about them.

According to some scientists, the common city pigeon may have been the first animal ever domesticated by humans. They are presented as figures, mosaics, and even coins from ancient Mesopotamia from at least 4,500 BC. C.

Enjoy this gallery and choose your favorite pigeons.

#1.Vinago cuellirrosa (Treron vernans)

#2. Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica)

#3. Frillback coffee

#4. Victoria crested pigeon (Goura victoria)

#5. Bronze winged dove


#7. Western Crowned Dove (Goura cristata)

#8. Indian Fantail (Columba livia)

#9. African Vinago (Treron calvus)

#10. Paloma plumífera (Geophaps plumifera)

#11. Frillback gris

#12. Imperial Ducula (Ducula bicolor)

#13. Paloma Lahore (Columba livia)

#14. Hybrid of old Dutch capichina and Jacobina

#15. Ice Dove (Columba livia domestica)

#16. Russian pigeon

#17. Archangel Dove

#18. English trumpeter

#19. English Barb Dove

#20. Brunner Pouter

#21.Paloma Lahore

#22. Old Dutch Nasturtium

#23. Antwerp Smerle

#24. Fantail

#25. English Short-faced Tumbler

#26. Old Dutch Nasturtium

#27. Black Helmet Pigeon

#28. A unique pigeon

#29. German Modena

What was your favorite? Share these beauties with all your friends, very few know them.

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