“Dubious” Architecture, 16 People Shared The Most Absurd Structures They Have Seen.

Some buildings have been designed by true champions of architecture: despite their unconventional character, they fascinate us with their incredible design and functionality. However, there are buildings that, although they are original and stand out for their diversity, are far from functional; indeed, they have been described as “shameful”, “embarrassing”, “foolish” and “in bad taste”. There is even a Facebook group where users have fun sharing the most extravagant designs., in the negative sense of the term, that they have had a good fortune (or bad luck?) to see. There are buildings in the shape of a dog or an elephant, of doubtful comfort; there are buildings with misaligned windows, with fire escape stairs that seem to fall down and are totally unnecessary, with doors instead of windows: there is everything and, thanks to 16 people who shared these examples of architecture shameful, we can get a glimpse of what the ingenuity – sometimes unsuccessful – of the builders can give.

#1. A building that receives no light.

image credit: Robert Olivieri / facebook

The windows are covered by this wall which partially covers the building: whoever took the photo understood that this aesthetically pleasing design is not at all functional.

#2. “My eyes are in pain”.

image credit: Sarah Annabel/facebook

And indeed, this house was built without following any logic.

#3. What is it?

image credit: Lead Alderton/facebook

Hopefully it’s not a house: who would dare to live there?

#4. A building in Dubai.

image credit: Alexis Rabinowitz/facebook

The person who saw the building said that when they took the photo, they felt dazzled. Later, looking at him again, she said to herself “but why?”.

#5. The building does not seem to be happy.

image credit: Denise Messina/facebook

#6. This asymmetry creates unease.

image credit: Fernanda Schmidt/facebook

#7. Looks like a magician’s house.

image credit: SketcgesbyBoze/twitter

Definitely original, it does not inspire much confidence.

#8. It doesn’t even look like a house.

image credit: Mike Pickett/facebook

#9. Definitely original, but would you live there?

image credit: Maria Mancini/facebook

How will the pieces be organized in there?

#10. A building in Bangkok.

image credit: Dougie Douglas/Facebook

It is supposed to be shaped like an elephant, but it takes a lot of imagination to visualize it.

#11. A Tel Aviv.

image credit: Amalie Elisabeth / facebook

#12. What happened to the emergency exit?

image credit: Jorge Acosta / facebook

#13. Why is the window askew?

image credit: Joel Rowe/facebook

#14. What is a door doing there?

image credit: Carrie Maxam/facebook

#15. The interior should not be very comfortable.

image credit: Jake Morrisette/facebook

#16. This is not all due to Photoshop.

image credit: Architecture Shaming/facebook

Have you ever seen such … dubious architectural examples?

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