Mom Preserves Fast Food For Years And Proves They Stay Intact.

The food fast food was not a very good reputation. One thing is certain: eating constantly in such restaurants is not very healthy in the long run, although it must be recognized that progress has been made compared to a few years ago.

Fast food products are often mass-produced with little regard for quality. The woman we are going to talk about knows all about this, since she decided to conduct a very special experiment which left many people perplexed.


image credit: elifgkandemir / TikTok

A young Englishwoman from Essex shared on TikTok what her nutritionist mother has been doing for years. The woman decided to keep a number of foods purchased from McDonald’s in her cupboard. Burgers, McNuggets, French fries, desserts, and many more – in the face of such experimentation, we would all think of natural spoilage of products, but what happened is incredible.

The pictures shared by @elifgkandemir speak for themselves: None of these foods showed any signs of spoilage. Their condition appears to be almost the same as when they were put away. “They will never spoil,” comments the young girl, “this pantry is full of ultra-processed foods that a lot of people consume on a regular basis.”


image credit: elifgkandemir / TikTok

“My mom has been eating most of these foods over the past two years,” the TikTok user continues, supporting the hypotheses of several studies conducted in the UK itself, which highlight the need not to overeat. of fast food.


image credit: elifgkandemir / TikTok

“My mom is just trying to encourage people to make better food decisions and live healthier happier lives ,” she said in explaining her experience and the video. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral, garnering thousands and thousands of views and reactions, and leaving many users stunned by such impressive evidence.

It is no coincidence that most of the comments were dictated by astonishment. These images do indeed make us think, and maybe we should all take note, by protecting our health and our diet a little more.

source used: elifgkandemir / TikTok

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