Mom of two slammed after sharing video of family Father’s Day picnic at husband’s grave

The loss of a loved one brings overwhelming sorrow. In moments of mourning, we strive to alleviate the anguish and sorrow.

Various cultures observe unique traditions when it comes to honoring the deceased. While some may seem strange to us, it is important to remember that these practices serve as a means for individuals to deal with their grief, and it is crucial that we show respect for them.

Nevertheless, this was not the situation for the relatives of an individual named Mark Rosenthal, who died 13 years ago, leaving his wife and two children.

Mark’s family experienced an irreparable tragedy with his loss, yet finding a deeper connection to him has provided some relief from the sorrow of his absence. Nevertheless, they faced online harassment for the way they honored a significant day on the calendar.

Robin Rosenthal, Mark’s wife, became a single mother to two children, Sam and Emma, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She has made a conscious effort to preserve Mark’s memory by visiting his grave and sharing videos online.

In a particular video captured in June 2022, they posted a flashback of a Father’s Day picnic enjoyed while camping on the lawn.

The brief video, created for comedic purposes, sparked backlash from internet users.

The family is depicted at the cemetery, enjoying sandwiches, while Sam exclaims, “Father’s Day lunch with Dad!” He then inquires about his father’s whereabouts from his mother.

“Down there, in the ground,” his mom replies.

While enjoying their lunch, Robin can be observed playfully throwing fries onto her deceased husband’s grave, jokingly saying, “Here Mark, have a fry.”

It is clear that the family intended to inject some humor into the video, however, they received negative feedback from certain viewers.

“Creepy that mom,” A single individual remarked

Instagram – Itstherosenthals

I’m speechless, it’s so disrespectful,” another claimed.

“Lack of respect,” said a third.

This year, the family posted yet another video of their visit to Mark’s grave that has been seen over 600,000 times on TikTok.

As the previous year, this video was again met with criticism and mixed emotions. While some said this was their unique way to keep Mark’s memory alive, others were critical of Robin and her children.

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