He Was Homeless, Today He Is The First Man To Live In A House Built Using 3d Printing.

The world of construction and building seems about to undergo a radical transformation thanks to 3D printing. 3D printing has been around for many years, but it has entered the construction industry and the results are simply astounding. Tim Shea, a 70-year-old man with a difficult past marked by addictions and nights on the streets, is now the first person in the United States to live in a house built using this technology.


image credit: icon3dtech/instagram

The house is located in the Community First neighborhood! The village, a community that houses shelters for the homeless and has more than 500 homes. The Icon company brought its 3D printing technology to the village in hopes of creating a community and providing a stable home for those less fortunate. Tim’s house is about 40 square meters it has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a large porch. 


image credit: icon3dtech/instagram

The company’s goal, according to CEO Jason Ballard, is to create decent housing that is accessible to everyone , everywhere. The materials used for construction are considered to be more weather resistant than traditionally built houses.


image credit: icon3dtech/instagram

Before moving into this beautiful and comfortable house, Tim lived on the streets and in a motorhome . While Tim previously felt insecure and tended to isolate himself, he couldn’t be more comfortable today. His house is more than a roof over his head, it is a place that gives him protection. There are no cramped spaces, everything is rounded and cozy, and the house is warm and welcoming: it almost seems to hug him. Tim chose an open space : he suffers from arthritis and thinks that in the future he will have to move around using a wheelchair. Man would not have imagined that with his past he could live in such a beautiful place ,


image credit: icon3dtech/instagram

When Tim heard he would be the first person in America to move into a house built using 3D printing , he felt extremely lucky. Tim’s life has now changed dramatically: he has put his fears behind him and is ready to live in this house, which for him represents security, hope, and warmth.

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