Male Orangutan Begins Caring For His Baby After His Mother’s Death.

This male orangutan cares for his little 2-year-old baby after his mother passed away the previous month at the zoo

Cerah is an adorable 2-year-old orangutan from the Denver Zoo, Colorado, United States. The little girl was left alone after her mother died unexpectedly the previous month and to the surprise of all the Berani Zoo staff, her father now takes care of her.

According to the Orangutan Foundation International , in the wild male orangutans do not play a direct role in raising their children. Adult females are more receptive and develop a close bond with them.

The mother / calf relationship lasts for many years, in contrast, the time spent with other orangutans is relatively short.

Male orangutan cares for his baby



Despite this, Berani has undertaken on her own the work of raising her daughter as the best father she could be for her and surely by seeing the adorable images that the zoo has shared on her social networks, we can see that love creates unique and surprising links.

Orangutan offspring can be carried up to 5 years and breastfed until 8. Even young orangutans despite being older can stay close to their mother traveling by her side and even eating and resting in the same trees, until the age of 10 years.



Happily surprised, the zookeepers a few days ago announced the moving and adorable story on their Facebook account , accompanied by some beautiful photos of this exemplary father and his little girl.



The zoo wrote in its post:

Seeing Berani step up as Mr. Mom is an extremely rare situation, and Cerah couldn’t have asked for a better father. Berani is so caring and protective of her, seeing all her needs. He carries her, comforts her, and even hugs her when she sleeps ».



Berani and precious Cerah have become inseparable, and this show of unconditional love is truly heartwarming and gives us a great example of just how magnificent and amazing nature can be.



The zoo also said:

Older sister Hesty has been taking her part with Cerah and plays with her all day. The three of them are staying together and moving forward.

If you are interested in learning a little more about the history of Cerah and her family, you can visit the Denver Zoo Facebook account . You can also visit their website and learn about the animals that reside in the place and support the programs that the zoo runs.

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