15 Photos Of Lost Battles That Only A Person Living With A Dog Can Fully Understand

Dogs are often referred to as pets. In some cases, however, saying “pet” is reductive: there are dogs that are not secondary characters in their owners’ lives, but the real protagonists. And that is true from the time you open your eyes in the morning until the time you close them in the evening – if you’re lucky enough to have a dog who doesn’t interrupt your night’s rest.

Having a dog in the house is a big commitment but, much like with children: once you have them under your roof, you cannot imagine a life without them. Here are some photos that perfectly illustrate life with a “companion” dog.

#1. “If I don’t close the door, this is what happens.”

image credit: hamsamiches / Reddit

#2. Do you know that when you leave the house you are sure to be spotless? Well, not people with dogs.

#3. Speaking of hair, when you brush your dog you can make a copy of it.

image credit: imgur

#4. And if you have two, both will follow you to the bathroom to make sure you’re okay.

image credit: NYR99/Reddit

#5. “Today my golden retriever played in the fresh cut grass.”

image credit: We_are_number_juan/Reddit

#6. “Sorry, my dog ​​ate all of your checks.”

image credit: NYR99/Reddit

#7. “My dog ​​ran away from the house, after hours of searching I came back and found this scene …”

image credit: Cowdimples31/Reddit

#8. For the dog, his master is a very good pillow.

image credit: SandraShipley95/Reddit

#9. His expression when you eat the last bite without giving him a piece.

image credit: waxiestapple/reddit

#10. Do you also have a dog that does damage one after the other?

image credit: empcc/reddit

#11. Those moments when the dog seems to have fallen into a thousand pieces.

image credit: CamdanM / Reddit

#12. A hot bath, perfumed with essential oils, in complete solitude … oh no, I have a dog.

image credit: Knoxiebbz/reddit

#13. “I just told my dog ​​that his paw needs to be seen by the vet.”

image credit: PembrokePercy/Reddit

#14. Who does not recognize themselves in this photo? Cooking with a dog …

image credit: Koemoeloenoe/Reddit

#15. Not to mention the time of the meal: to feel observed is saying something!

image credit: imgur

If you recognized yourself in the photos in this gallery, it only means one thing. that there is a dog in your life who makes it alive and full of love at the same time!

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