20 people who show you what it’s like to Live in a Place with Extreme Climates

Although we all have a preference when it comes to hot or cold weather, there will never be a fan of limbs, especially when they are downright scary. After all, no one would like to freeze their beard or melt their fan, right?

The following 20 people are beautiful examples of what it’s like to live in extreme weather conditions (and what to do in some of them).

#1. A frozen fire hydrant.

#2. This guy in a ventilation jacket in Tokyo at 36 ° C.

#3. A firefighter after working in a polar vortex at -40 ° C.

#4. Hail damage on the roof  of this car.

#5. A frozen bicycle after a Chicago winter storm.

#6. “I used the heat in Scottsdale to bake cookies in the car.”

#7. A cedar after a storm in central Kansas.

#8. More than 4 meters of snow in this ski resort in Riksgränsen, in the north of Sweden.

#9. Huge hailstones.

#10. What happens when you throw boiling water up on an extremely cold day.

#11. A giant hole in Chicago that opened due to flooding.

#12. When it’s so cold that it doesn’t matter what you wear, everything freezes.

#13. Having a car where it is very cold can be a bit complicated.

#14. When your house floods, but you are one step ahead.

#15. Cleaning a telecommunications tower after a snow storm.

#16. An Australian man after purchasing essential supplies during floods and severe storms.

#17. The way a Texas resident found to protect his car from hail.

#18. Pillars of a frozen pier.

#19. Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Daytona.

#20. Sun or snow, the true fans will always be there.

Fan of cold, heat, or rain, we believe that you would never want to be in one of these situations. Share this gallery so that your friends know what it is like to live in a place with extreme weather.

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