15+ Lucky People Who Got A Little Extra On Their Purchases

No one can complain about an unexpected gift.

When we buy things, we never expect them to come with something extra. We just hope they arrive safely and that it works.

In this list, you will meet 20 lucky people who, in addition to receiving what they asked for, obtained an extra detail, sometimes from the seller, others because the product came like that. Keep on swiping so you can see for yourself.

#1. “This giant chocolate bar came with a hammer to break it into smaller pieces.”

#2. I ordered a cocktail and it came with a rubber duck.

#3. The book I ordered came with a Red Bull.

#4. “I asked for a toy for my puppy and the wrap came with bones.”

#5. “My shoes came with a ‘handle’ instead of being packed in a single-use bag.”

#6. My tie came with instructions.

#7. My washing machine included a bag of detergent.

#8. “I asked the guy at the restaurant to put all the ketchup I could.

#9. “I bought a bundle of threads and it came with a shirt-shaped pin cushion.”

#10. “My dog’s treats came with a this so we could take selfies”

#11. “I ordered a $ 5 mystery box and got an iPhone X.”

#12. “Instead of sending me air wrappers, the salesman sent me a bag of potato chips.”

#13. “My order from Japan came with a little origami shirt”

#14. This lemon comes with a cloth that prevents seeds from falling into the food.

#15. “The chewing gum I bought in Japan comes with paper sticks to stick them when finished.”

#16. “The bag of dried meat I bought comes with a dental floss to remove the remains.”

#17. “My new refrigerator came with explanations of sounds.”

#18. “My razor comes with bandages in case you need them.”

#19. “I ordered a pair of pliers on eBay and my package arrived covered in old stamps. Some were over 60 years old ”.

#20. “I bought a bag of clams and one came with a pearl.”

Have you been one of these lucky ones? Leave us your anecdotes! Share this gallery of lucky people with your friends.

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