Last text from missing Riley Strain’s phone comes to light – includes confusing two-word message

BREAKING: The last text sent from missing student Riley Strain’s phone has come to light… and the two-word message is confusing everyone.

Riley Strain, a 22-year-old student, disappeared on March 8 following a night out with his fraternity brothers in Nashville. He was reportedly ejected from Luke Bryan’s bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge bar, under mysterious circumstances, and informed his friends that he would join them back at the hotel. However, upon their return, he was nowhere to be found. Unable to reach him or track his whereabouts through Snapchat, they filed a missing person report on March 9.

Search operations commenced immediately following the report.

The stepfather of the young man claimed that Strain contacted his mother via FaceTime on the evening of his disappearance and mentioned visiting two additional bars before being ejected from a third one. In an interview with NBC News, the stepfather noted that Strain did not appear heavily intoxicated during the conversation.

The mystery had taken another twist after the release of a confusing message sent from the 22-year-old’s phone that night.

At 9:47 p.m., the young man was seen on surveillance video crossing the street, and was subsequently observed on another camera five minutes later appearing disoriented. This marked the final known appearance of Strain.

The family in distress made a plea to the public and the authorities to assist in locating their son. “We are actively searching for you. We will not give up until we find you. We will be there for your graduation… and everything will be okay,” his stepfather declared.

Strain sent a text message to a 22-year-old woman he was reportedly dating on the night he disappeared. The message simply said “Good night,” further deepening the mystery.

His mother informed People that he has multiple friends, both male and female, and she was unsure which specific person he was speaking to at that particular time.

Sadly, on March 22, Riley Strain’s body was found eight miles downriver from where he was last seen.

Strain was discovered deceased in a river, with his body being sighted by an employee of a nearby building materials company responsible for unloading barges at the river.

“My company works on the river. I have just found a, uh, dead body” the worker told the police after calling 911 before adding, “I believe it to be Riley.”

The Metro Nashville Police Department has reported that initial findings from the autopsy indicate that Riley Strain’s passing was accidental.

Don Aaron, the department’s spokesperson, mentioned that a detective was present at the autopsy of the 22-year-old, and the investigation indicates that his death still seems to be accidental.

“No foul play-related trauma,” Aaron said in an email. “(Toxicology) pending per usual.”

Our deepest condolences for the passing of this young man. May he find eternal peace.

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