James Doran-Webb Created These Huge Dragons Out Of Driftwood

A dragon named as wyvern is a 4 limbed dragon whose front legs are expanding to fly. When he’s creating his amazing arts, he used to do this as his differentiation. He wanted growth in the studio and a very big metallic skeleton when he’s making the first wyvern. It’s really a large creation made out of wood nestled on a long-dead tree’s trunk.

There was another creation on a gazebo and it was made out of rescued steel and recycled water cans. In 2015, it was shown in the renowned Chelsea Flower Show. The great creation was named as Wyvern’s Folly and the weight of it is 4 tons.

The artist is from Philippines. In order to protect the surroundings and plant many trees, he works with many local initiatives. He purchase his materials which need to create his sculpture from local people in order to help them. Not only the wyverns, striding horses, goats and some other animals are also made by this great artist.


















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