It’s Raining In Greenland On The Highest Peak Of The Ice Cap: A First!

The abnormal climatic conditions observed on our planet are now clearly visible. This is not alarmism or exaggeration: the Earth is heating up more and more, with consequences that often result in rare, unexpected, and catastrophic events.

What happened in Greenland between August 14 and 16, 2021, falls under the category of incredible phenomena, considered ” impossible ” or at least unexpected. For several hours, in an area where temperatures are normally below 0 ° C, unusual temperatures were recorded, but it also rained, which is rare in these areas and only accelerates the melting of the ice.


image credit: EHRENBERG Kommunikation/Wikimedia – Not the actual photo

When we think of a peak of over 3,200 meters in Greenland, we all have in mind a very cold place with extreme weather conditions. The reality of what happened in August 2021, however, reveals a very different reality. The news was announced by scientists from the US National Science Foundation who, at the Summit Camp weather station, were simply stunned to see the enormous amount of water falling from the sky in the space of a few hours.

More than 7 billion tonnes of rainwater soaked the snow atop the ice cap, causing temperatures to rise above 0 ° C for more than nine hours. According to experts, this is the third time this has happened in less than ten years. Rain, on the other hand, is a rare phenomenon in these regions, so much so that it has never been recorded before and that researchers were literally taken by surprise, having no instrument to measure it.


image credit: Christine Zenino/Wikimedia – Not the actual photo

This is the first time that such an event has occurred and, in terms of climate, it is not at all reassuring. Ted Scambos, a scientist with the National Snow and Ice Data Center, said: “ What’s happening isn’t just a decade or two warmer, it’s an unprecedented situation . are crossing thresholds that have not been seen for millennia and that will not change until we improve our approach to the climate, “he continued.

The rain falling in Greenland is therefore an undeniable sign of the climate crisis we are experiencing, which is combined with another phenomenon far from positive, namely the accelerated melting of the ice cap. Rainwater contributed to the melting, even in areas where this phenomenon does not usually occur. The speed at which the pack-ice from this area flows into the sea is very high and worrying and this is not expected to improve in the future. In this context, it is urgent to take concrete measures to respect the environment.

Source used:

 The Guardian

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