Ikea rents a studio for 77 cents a month: small but super functional.

We’ve all been to Ikea at one point or another to furnish our home or buy accessories and decorations. The Swedish furniture chain has been a pioneer in developing practical, innovative, and inexpensive solutions, especially for those who need to furnish small rooms.

But what happens when it’s Ikea that offers its customers an already furnished environment to live in? The Japanese division of the multinational is making a lot of noise around a truly unique rental offer. What is it about? A very small apartment that the company has rented for a sum to make anyone pale: 0.77 euro cents per month !


image credit: Ikea

The micro-house made by Ikea is located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district and measures just under 10 square meters. More than a house, in reality, it should be defined as a room, and not even very large … And yet we know it: in Japan, there is no shortage of original housing solutions like this, and many choose to live in minimalist and tiny spaces, in part because of the high population density and the limited space available.


image credit: Ikea

Ikea has decided to exploit this trend in its own way, by offering the general public a very special offer. Members of the Ikea Family, in fact, can rent this loft-style micro-space, arranged on two levels, connected by a ladder.

On the upper floor – although it would be more correct to call it a “mezzanine” – is a comfortable bedroom which, although created in a small space, is large enough to have been fitted with a bed, a few furniture, and knick-knacks. Nothing is missing in these meager 10 square meters.


image credit: Ikea

Downstairs there’s room for a small kitchenette, sofa, bathroom, and even a desk with a space-saving clip lamp.


image credit: Ikea

Shelves, furniture, and accessories complete the picture, making this small apartment a really very comfortable environment. Everything inside is obviously from the Ikea brand, and it must be said that in view of the photos, the result is convincing.

The price of the rental is definitely a winning factor. Although the rental contracts for this micro-apartment are short-lived, there is no shortage of demand, and it looks like the eclectic Swedish multinational has once again found a winning solution.

Would you live in such a place?

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