If your partner leaves a clothespin on your shower head, make sure you know what it means

These days, you can find lots of cool tricks and DIY solutions online. The Internet offers a wealth of valuable information that used to be traditionally shared from one generation to the next.

Some of these tricks make sense, while others seem so weird that we can’t help but question if they actually do anything.

Have you ever found a trick that made you raise your eyebrows and go “What in the world!?” If not, this one will totally shock you!


When you find a clothespin on your shower head during your shower, it’s a sign that you should acknowledge how creative your partner is.

Everyone knows that clothespins are great for hanging up clothes, but did you know they can also be useful for other things too?

These small gadgets can do more than you think and can make your bathroom look amazing.


You just need a wooden clothespin and a bottle of essential oil, such as eucalyptus, lavender, or peppermint, or any scent you like that makes you feel relaxed. Dip the clothespin in the oil, then attach it to your shower head or curtain. When you take a shower, the steam will spread the smell from the clothespin, making your shower smell nice and feel fancy.

If you’re not sure about these words, why not test it out and tell us if you found this hack helpful?

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