Husky Adoption Photo Goes Viral But Dog Does Not Take Credit.

Adopting an abandoned animal is a beautiful gesture: it is giving new life to a creature that surely needs the affection and care of one or more people. Fortunately, there are shelters that can give animals the necessary care while waiting for someone to arrive ready to welcome a new family member. And, luckily, there are volunteers who fight to ensure that the animals have a home where they can feel safe. The City of Wichita Falls Animal Services just uploaded a photo showing a volunteer, named Zackry Majewski i, with a husky named Sky.


image credit: City of Wichita Falls Animal Services/Facebook

The goal of the post was to find a home for this beautiful dog. The post states that Zackry Majewski started working with the city as a volunteer in October 2020, he is very fond of animals and particularly fond of huskies. In his spare time, Zac enjoys hiking and listening to country music. The post immediately went viral, receiving thousands of comments and shares, and not just the dog’s credit for it: although she did eventually find a home, Zac stole the show. In fact, most people were interested in Zac and asked him if he wanted to be adopted too.


image credit: zmajewsky/instagram

Zac’s beauty is unmistakable and the young man, who has always wanted to gain experience as a volunteer in associations and animal shelters, says he is happy that the post has gone viral: whatever the reason, what matters to him is that the animals have more visibility and a chance to be adopted. The council has received calls from across the country from people wishing to adopt animals, and Zac has been asked to post more photos of him on social media. Zac has admitted that he doesn’t particularly like showing off, but if it can help his four-legged friends, he’ll be happy to do it: after all, the end justifies the means, right?


image credit: zmajewsky/instagram

Some people commented, “wait, is there a dog in the photo?” While others asked, “are both included in an all-inclusive package?”. And if you, too, are wondering if it is possible to adopt Zac, we fear the answer will be no.

source used: City of Wichita Falls Animal Services/Facebook

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