Husband Asks for Separation but Demands His Wife Move across the Country with Him – She Reveals His Secret

After thirteen years of marriage, the woman’s entire world is upended when her husband, amidst preparations for a significant cross-country move and a sudden request for separation, discloses a secret that could potentially change everything. Uncovering a hidden connection with an old friend, she is met with a shocking revelation, leaving her at a crucial crossroads.

On the 3rd of February, 2024, an unidentified woman posted a captivating narrative detailing the unexpected twist in her 13-year marriage. Her spouse, who had appeared satisfied before, now revealed his discontent with his job and his intention to seek employment in a different state.

Immediately after the announcement, there came an unforeseen and stern proposal. “Out of nowhere, he suggested a separation,” the Original Poster (OP) recalled, “and went on a tirade about how terrible I am.” In spite of their past fluctuations, she deemed this outburst to be extreme and unwarranted.

In the weeks that ensued, OP uncovered her husband’s frequent communication with a former acquaintance, a woman who had recently gone through a divorce, and had played a key role in assisting him in obtaining a promising job prospect. The level of their engagement was remarkable, with more than 500 messages exchanged daily, reaching a grand total of around 24,000 within a mere month.

The original poster’s narrative garnered a significant amount of feedback on the internet, as numerous individuals labeled her as “NTA” due to her responses and choices following her husband’s betrayal and intentions.

The husband had a definite plan: he intended to move the whole family, which included their two young children, his mother, and OP. OP did not take this decision lightly, as she thought about her previous sacrifices, such as moving for her husband’s graduate school and his current job. She voiced her concern, stating, “It is unacceptable to move away from the children’s school and friends, as well as my job and friends.”

The situation became more serious when her husband journeyed to the possible job site for what was intended to be a one-day interview, but extended into a four-day excursion. Throughout this period, OP discovered indications indicating he was intending to partake in a physical affair.

Upon his arrival back home, he defensively confessed that he had been feeling “unhappy for 15 years.” This disclosure made OP wonder if she was to blame for contemplating divorce and seeking physical custody of their children to stay in the same state.

The husband stressed the significance of the children having their father present, drawing from his own upbringing without a father figure. He contended that she should be there for the children’s well-being.

The OP’s account sparked a massive reaction on the web, with a multitude of individuals considering her actions and decisions in response to her husband’s betrayal and plans as “NTA.” The online community came together to offer support and valuable insights into the situation.

A commenter stated, “His anger stems from losing his upper hand once you uncovered the truth and sought legal representation. It appears he intended to relocate you all and then tie the children down to his new place. Therefore, you were left with the responsibility of caring for the kids. Well done! You are certainly not the a**hole!”

In the meantime, someone else observed. “Nta. He doesn’t get to upend everyone’s lives because he’s having an affair and doesn’t want to be inconvenienced [sic].”

A third voice added, “NTA – no way would I move just for him to divorce you when you move. Definitely file for divorce now before he leaves his job.”

What are your thoughts on this narrative? Do you believe that the OP’s husband is reasonable in requesting a separation while also insisting that his wife relocate across the country for him? How would you manage the situation if you were in the OP’s position? Would you agree with the husband’s choice or oppose it?

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