Woman Walks Into The Shower And Is Terrified Of A Huge Hunter Spider Waiting For Her

Do you have in mind those situations taken from horror films, in which the unfortunate protagonists find themselves confronted, in a totally unexpected way, with scenes that only deserve to be put on their feet? Now, the woman we’re going to tell you about had a pretty similar experience.

In addition to her, the undisputed protagonist of this episode, which quickly made the rounds of the web, is a “nice” hunter spider (Sparassidae) who saw fit to be exactly where many of us would never want. make such a meeting: in the shower! If you’re afraid of spiders, it might be time to stop reading. Otherwise, try to meet this arachnid up close. And if you are wondering where it happened, the answer is almost obvious: in Australia.


image credit: Australian Spider Identification Page/Facebook

It is well known that the flora and fauna of this land at the end of the world are unique and rare, difficult to understand for those born and raised in other contexts. Stories and images of unconcerned, even rather intrusive, Australian animals are plentiful on the web, and they never cease to impress us. Cathy Cox knows a lot about this.

Imagine the situation. The Perth woman, who quietly intended to take a good shower, was terrified to say the least when she entered and saw that she was not alone.

The hunter spider was there, and while these beasts are very common in Australia, we’re sure it would have caused quite a bit of anxiety for a lot of people, arachnophobia aside.


image credit: Australian Spider Identification Page/Facebook

The frightened Cathy immortalized the spider and shared the photos on a Facebook group that helps people identify spiders while asking for advice on how to behave.

Hunting spiders are not dangerous to humans, although it is advisable not to take too many “liberties” with them, as they can still bite. Fortunately, from what we learned from this woman’s research, the specimen in question was not even one of the largest. It probably wasn’t as long as 30 centimeters these beasts can reach, but we challenge anyone to stay calm in the face of such a scene! What would you have done in Cathy’s place?

Source used:
Daily Mail

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