This Homemade Beehive Could Help Us Save Bees And Protect Our Environment

Bees are a biological indicator of the quality of the environment: the more bees there are, the healthier the air and the richer and healthier the vegetation. Unfortunately, recently, due to climate change and especially the use of pesticides, the beehives are disappearing and the population of these ” social insects ” is dwindling.

But many people are redoubling their efforts to help these insects survive.


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Fortunately, two species of bees can be bred by humans: Apis mellifera and Apis cerana . These two species are also producers of honey. For this reason, building a beehive could be, in addition to helping the bees, a good way to obtain high-quality organic honey. All you need is a prepackaged beehive kit, which can easily be purchased online. For those who are particularly good at DIY, all you need is two plywood boards, a few wooden rods, twelve glass jars and a can of wood paint.


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The plywood panels will form the top and bottom of the beehive and can be painted any color. 12 holes in the plywood will then need to be applied and the wooden rods will serve as a frame for the beehive. At this point, it will be necessary to sterilize the 12 glass jars. On the opening of each vase, a washer or, in any case, a thickness must be added to support the weight of the vase.


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Before inserting the glass jars into the holes in the hive, you will need to add pieces of honeycomb or a small comb inside: this will attract the bees and help them build their own hive .



By reinforcing this, we will have a perfect homemade beehive. After a few days, the first bees, attracted by the honeycomb or the comb in the jars, will begin to inhabit the hive and produce delicious organic honey. It only remains to wait for the jars to be filled by the bees. Once they are full, just remove them from the hive and cover them. 


But be careful, because jars filled with freshly produced honey tend to heat up very quickly, once corked: putting them in the shade is the best choice so as not to destroy our work and that of the bees .


Bees play a fundamental role for our planet: by passing from tree to tree, from flower to flower, they allow the pollination and the growth of the vegetation of the Earth . With the right equipment, it’s easy to build a strong beehive and a comfortable environment for these insects that silently save our lives every day.


source used: Time

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