Homeless Dog Is Rescued And Learns To Play With Toys For The First Time

Growing up homeless means many things to dogs. When Maya was found in a parking lot along a road, many people felt she needed a second chance.

It was a hot summer day when she was discovered in a parking lot looking for food. I was hungry, thirsty and it was very sweet. The people who rescued this beautiful dog did not expect to rescue any animals that day.

They were actually outside and were about to take one of their other rescue dogs to his new family, and she was rescued. She was sweet and submissive, but she never knew how to play with toys. Being homeless for much of his life meant never having had a toy.

That’s what makes this video so sweet; that and the fact that Maya loves other animals, big and small. She gets along very well with a puppy and some of her other new friends her own size.

Never in his life did he have a toy to play with. That means she was delighted the first time her rescuers gave her a toy, and watching her enjoy it is one of the most beautiful moments we can describe.

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