He Searches The Web For A House And Finds His Cat In The Photo Of A House For Sale.

Imagine the situation for a moment: you are searching for new accommodation on the internet, busy comparing prices, areas, finishes, and environments when you discover something familiar on the bed of a room in the room. ‘one of the photos. Or, rather, someone.

You take a closer look, and recognize it, after the first moment of disbelief: it’s your cat! We’re not kidding, because that’s exactly what happened to the British man we’re about to tell you about.


Michael Hubank (@generoom on Twitter) was browsing a real estate agency’s website when he noticed his own cat was more than comfortably lying on one of the beds in the house he was visiting.

Intrigued by the fact that his neighbors had put their house up for sale, Michael couldn’t resist the temptation to go look for it on the classifieds sites, only to find that she was hosting someone he knew. It was her ginger cat, literally “spread out” on one of the beds in the bedrooms, as if he had always been there.

The find was so curious that Michael decided to share it with everyone, jokingly recounting what happened on Twitter, with photos to back it up. “I couldn’t resist and I went to Zoopla to see the neighbors’ house: he is our sacred cat”.


image credit: Michael Hubank/Twitter

It didn’t take long for his tweet to go viral, sparking thousands of amused reactions from netizens. If you’re amazed, maybe you don’t have a cat with you that performed “numbers” like this. Apparently, according to several Internet users, there are really a lot of domestic felines who, from time to time, decide to make “inroads” into neighbors, and end up where they shouldn’t be.

After all, we know that cats are like that, and we humans just have to come to terms with their stubborn and sometimes not very understandable logic. Who knows what went through this cat’s head when he decided to “self-invite” into this house: maybe he just wanted to take a break and get a change of scenery …

After all, don’t we love cats for this reason too? Have you ever found yours in a neighbor’s house?

source used: Michael Hubank/Twitter

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