12 Pets Caught Red-handed By Their Owners In Hilarious And Disastrous Situations.

If there is one thing that unites and brings children and pets together, it is the ability to do small-scale damage as soon as adults “turn their heads” for a few minutes. Think about it for a moment: all it takes is the slightest distraction to end up in dire scenes or situations.

Just like little humans, our four-legged friends love to explore their surroundings, and when we leave them alone in the house, they don’t spend all of their time in their bunk or lounging on the bed or sofa … 12 pictures that we have gathered below testify to this. These dogs and cats are clearly guilty and have been caught red-handed by their owners. But it’s hard to get angry, especially at the looks and expressions they showed: aren’t they hilarious and lovable troublemakers?

#1. It’s not me, I’m innocent!

image credit: Jared_Jff/reddit

#2. The toilet paper was very good to eat, but now I feel a little … guilty!

image credit: AdCoStooge/reddit

#3. We can explain everything to you!

image credit: chocolat_ice_cream/reddit

#4. The moment after the moment after having caught him throwing objects on the furniture on the floor …

image credit: lafaa123/reddit

#5. You caught me in the act. I just have to take an expression … of regret

image credit: naultinus/reddit

#6. Maybe he thought my hat needed some air!

image credit: 3amApollo/reddit

#7. The real feeling of shame and guilt!

image credit: Imgur

#8. He literally ate a piece of the door and now he’s pretending nothing has happened looking and sniffing on the floor …

image credit: -HonkeyKong-/reddit

#9. Yes, it was me! Do you want to play too?

image credit: anowarakthakos/reddit

#10. Me? I didn’t do anything at all!

image credit: Imgur

#11. I swear this lollipop is here by chance, I didn’t bring it here!

image credit: SnowGlobeTrekkr/reddit

#12. He doesn’t care about anything, he just wants a hug!

image credit: Sabriel-Lirael/reddit

Have you ever surprised your cats and dogs in such dire and hilarious situations?

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