He Wins 122 Million Euros In The Lottery But Continues To Do His Job Without Getting Paid.

When a stroke of luck like a big lottery win comes along, it’s not easy to stay normal and keep doing everything you’ve been doing to this day. Steve Thomson, a 42-year-old British bricklayer who set a record by winning the Euromillions jackpot to the tune of £ 105million (over € 122million), knows this well.

His story quickly caught on in the local media (and elsewhere), as this man not only decided to go about his day-to-day life, working as hard as he has for years, but he also decided not to get paid for what he does.


image credit: The Sun

As a father of three, Steve did everything but “splurge” after his earnings. The 42-year-old is well aware of his ongoing construction work, for which he has no plans to touch a dime. When he finished working in a client’s garden in Selsey, Sussex, he reportedly refused any payment.


image credit: The Sun

” A great guy, a nice guy” was how he was described by his other clients and acquaintances. Although under its conditions, one might think that doing so is after all easy, it is certainly not so trivial. “He still uses his old yellow van. He will not buy a new one because he intends to continue working until he has completed his current work.”

Probably, for this man, working the way he always has, despite being a millionaire, is really about ethics and dedication: “I’m going to have to keep doing something. a person who stays put, if my partner needs me, he knows I’ll be there. “


image credit: The Sun

While in all likelihood Steve will find a way to profit from this money sooner or later, perhaps by purchasing a bigger house for himself, his wife and children, it can be safely said that it is rather rare to find examples of generosity like what he gives. After all, he could do anything with all that money! And you, what would you have done in his place?

source used: The Sun

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