He Takes Advantage Of The Absence Of His Masters To Use The Pool: The Hilarious Performance Of This Dog.

Surveillance cameras can sometimes shoot really unexpected videos. A family would never have imagined their surveillance camera would film a scene so hilarious it went viral. The camera was aimed at the pool in the backyard, in order to monitor any suspicious movement and avoid any unpleasant surprises when they returned home. The idea was to check for intruders used the irregular pool, but it turned out … this is the dog that was playing while the family was away !

The adorable puppy loves water and, according to the video, it turns out he loves diving too !


image credit: Ring/Youtube

She was supposed to deter intruders and protect the house. In fact, their dog turned out to be a successful swimmer and an avid scuba diver, at least that’s what the family discovered while looking at the footage from the surveillance cameras.

It certainly wasn’t the first time the dog behaved like this, but the family didn’t understand who could use the pool, mess up children’s toys, and dirty showers. For this reason, the parents installed a surveillance camera right in front of the back garden of their house. A sure way to monitor the situation and unmask the intruder.


image credit: Ring/Youtube

To their surprise, however, the intruder was their friendly four-legged friend, who quietly cooled off in the pool on hot days.

The joy of the dog is evident in the video and could only make the smile both the family who own the pool and the internet users, who did not hesitate to like the video.


image credit: Ring/Youtube

“We always knew Hamilton loved the water,” said its owner, “but we never imagined he would be so happy to be able to dive into our pool on his own! And we were ready to meet some neighborhood kids. or pranksters wanting to use our swimming pool freely. “

This pleasant surprise not only comforted the owners, who were worried about possible intruders but also made millions of Internet users smile. The adorable doggie’s family will now have to be careful when they organize a diving competition: an expert swimmer is hiding among them!

Source used:

 The Dodo

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