He Pays Alimony By Dumping 80,000 Pennies In The Garden.

What is the gift you always wanted to have for your birthday when you were a teenager? Avery Sanford certainly didn’t expect to receive such a gift from his father on his 18th birthday. Although Avery – a young girl who lives in Richmond, Virginia – was not on good terms with her father and had not spoken to him in years, she was shocked by his gesture.


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The man, divorced from his wife, came to her home on the occasion of his daughter’s birthday with a trailer on which he had loaded no less than 80,000 pennies. He then unloaded them in the garden. Why unload 80,000 pieces? Certainly to upset his family, with whom he no longer has any relationship: instead of simply paying his alimony, he wanted to complicate things by this gesture.


image credit: Wtvr 06 News

Although Avery was in school and his mother was the only witness to the act, CCTV cameras caught the entire scene as the man used a trailer attached to his SUV to unload the thousands of parts. . This was not a joke, but a carefully concocted plan to make it difficult for his daughter and ex-wife to get the money back. “It’s your last alimony check,” are the words he said when his ex-wife asked him to explain what he was doing.


image credit: Wtvr 06 News

After the first moment of discouragement, Avery and his mother had to pick up all the parts with a shovel and thought about what to do: they decided to turn a bad situation into a good deed, by donating every penny to Safe Harbor, an organization that helps mothers and children in difficulty as victims of domestic violence. A derogatory, disrespectful, and totally inappropriate gesture: although the young girl suffered from her father’s actions, it made her realize and understand that to distance herself from this man is the wisest choice. Avery teaches us that turning something bad into a good deed is the wisest choice we can make.

source used: nypost

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