He Parks His Car In The Reserved Area Of ​​the Supermarket: The Employees Take Revenge .

The rules exist to be respected and to ensure the tranquility of society. Imagine a world in which people behave as they wish, regardless of the impact their behavior may have on others: you risk general chaos. The story we are going to tell you today takes place in a supermarket and, to be precise, in the supermarket parking lot. What to do when there is no parking space? If we were all behaving respectfully, we should wait until a place becomes available. Those who are willing to do anything, even break the rules, may even think about parking where they shouldn’t, without paying attention to the consequences.


image credit: Arnold Angelini/Facebook

We are in the Coto Temperley shopping center in Buenos Aires. An Argentinian lawyer, Arnold Angelini, witnessed the scene in the parking lot and immortalized – then shared on his Facebook profile – what he witnessed. A supermarket customer decided to park his car where it shouldn’t have been, in the area reserved for shopping carts . A risky choice that does not take into account the difficulties it would have caused: supermarket customers, who had to pick up or leave their shopping cart, found a car and therefore had difficulty placing or taking their shopping cart.


image credit: Arnold Angelini/Facebook

Supermarket employees, alerted to the situation and the inconvenience caused by the car, decided to take action and take revenge for this disrespectful behavior: the employees completely surrounded the car with rows of trolleys, making it impossible to get out of the car. Arnold wrote in his post: “The truth is, you don’t have to be very smart to park in the shopping cart area. You can’t be stupid enough to leave the car anywhere. You can see that ‘ there is no more respect. Well done to the employees who blocked his car. ” How did the rude customer get into his car and head for the exit? What was his reaction when he realized he had been the “victim” of a well-deserved revenge? Sadly, we can only guess at him, but we can only hope he has learned his lesson.

source used: Fox News

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