“He Looked Like A Pokémon”: A Boy Plays With A Mollusk Without Knowing That It Is Poisonous.

Nature is extremely fascinating, and it is populated by creatures that we don’t know, or that we can’t even imagine. What do some animals look like? What is their function in the ecosystem? There are harmless animals and dangerous, poisonous animals whose appearance – yet – is anything but disturbing. How to differentiate them? Unless you have been informed beforehand or know the sea, it is really difficult to tell the difference. A young Australian posted a video on Tiktok: he films himself playing – without knowing it – with a tiny but very poisonous animal: a blue dragon.


image credit: julianobayd / TikTok

The man came across a fascinating creature on Stradbroke Island, Queensland , and filmed video of him playing with the tiny blue-colored animal. It is the blue dragon (or sea swallow): a shellless mollusk that feeds on poisonous jellyfish, the venom of which it absorbs. This name refers to the appearance and color of this poisonous little creature. The poison ingested is in fact stored by the blue dragon , to be released in situations of threat and danger. These animals do not attack at random, but if they feel threatened they can sting people and cause serious health problems. The man said the animal in question “looked like a Pokemon”.


image credit: julianobayd / TikTok

In no time at all, the video garnered millions of views. In the video, the boy writes: “Does anyone know what kind of animal this is?” It was then that the boy discovered the true nature of the strange blue animal. On TikTok, the boy was inundated with messages and warned of the danger. The boy didn’t know he was poisonous and naively thought he was touching it with his fingertip, but users noted that it is very common to find this animal on Australian beaches – locals call it the “blue dragon. not to touch “. Even the sweetest and seemingly harmless animal can reveal a few, unfortunately unpleasant surprises.. 

source used: Daily Mail

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