He Finds A Big Spider In The Car, Names It, And Treats It Like A Pet.

Do you have a good relationship with spiders? Many people are immediately horrified when they hear or read a spider’s name. All fear aside, it must be admitted that finding a large spider where you least expect it can provoke a surprise reaction.

Imagine the scene: you get into your car, sit behind the wheel and immediately realize that you are not alone. On the dashboard, directly in front of you, is a huge spider about 15 centimeters long, which has crept into the passenger compartment. What would you do? We’re sure few of you would react the way the man in the story we’re about to tell you did. Instead of chasing the arachnid, he kept it with him, gave it a name, and literally housed it in his car, caring for it like any other pet.


Where could such an episode occur if not in Australia? It is not the first time that we tell you stories of large spiders “invading” human spaces, found in the most unexpected corners, and people deciding to live peacefully with them, in this wonderful island continent. The fauna there is particularly rich and characterized by creatures which, for those who live far away, are disturbing and unusual to say the least.

Just like the “friendly” spider in question, found by Chris Taylor, 42, on the dashboard of his car. Many people would have tried to get rid of it, but not him. Instead of getting rid of it, Chris decided that the arachnid would become his guest, a sort of mascot for the car.

After lovingly christening him Steve, the man accepted him as a constant presence in the car. And the bond between the two is so strong that the big spider has been there for about a year, quietly wandering between car seats and corners. “I’m not afraid of spiders, says Chris, that’s why I left her there. I saw her grow, and at first, she was half the size she is now. I even tried to get her out, but the next day she was under the sun visor again, so for some reason she liked to stay in my car.”


image credit: JonRichfield/Wikimedia – Not the actual photo

It is an unusual cohabitation, to say the least, but which, according to Chris, is not always pleasant. “I confess that I don’t like when she appears a few inches above my head while I’m concentrating on driving, he says, or when she suddenly falls into my lap. Scenes that, for anyone who can’t stand spiders, would really be the realization of the worst possible nightmare, but which, in Chris’ car, are real and every day.

And the passengers? “Everyone who gets in the car with me is scared, and nobody wants to be driven by me anymore, I guess I’ll save,” the 42-year-old Australian jokingly admitted. And the automotive partnership between him and the spider doesn’t seem to be coming to an end: the man says driving with this special passenger is now a real habit, and that he would be sad if the spider decided to leave.

We can only hope he doesn’t get too distracted! Would you keep a spider in the car with you, or did you run away already?

source used: Mirror

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