He Digs A Cave In The Garden After Arguing With His Parents: 6 Years Later, It’s His Underground House.

The period of adolescence is known to be a particularly complex moment in the life of each person: it is the period of development, both physical and mental, but also the one where we most often come into conflict with our parents. . Arguing with your parents is normal and common but is it just as common to start digging a cave after a big argument with your mother? Apparently not, but everyone has their own way of letting off steam and letting go of their anger. : there are those who go for a run and play sports, those who start listening to music, those who empty their bags with friends, and those who – armed with patience and a pickaxe – start digging something in the garden of the house.

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Andres Canto, a young Spaniard, was 14 when he argued with his parents who had forbidden him to enter the local village wearing a tracksuit. This small – and seemingly harmless – ban unknowingly triggered a lot of work, although at the time Andres couldn’t yet find out. He went to his garden, angrily grabbed his grandfather’s pickaxe, and started digging, venting the anger and frustration of the moment.

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But what started out as an outlet quickly turned into a little obsession: Andres never stopped digging. Every day, coming home from school, he picked up the pickaxe and devoted his energy to this new means of expression. Then a friend lent him a jackhammer and the two spent up to 14 hours a week digging in the garden. Andres also began to study digging techniques and developed a pulley system to bring rubble to the surface. He began to create the rooms, reinforcing the vaulted ceilings with reinforced columns.

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Today, six years after this dispute, he has created his own ” underground house “. It is a real cave with steps leading deep into a small structure but equipped with the necessary comfort.  

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There is a small living room, a bedroom, a heating system, a music system. Andres says it’s the perfect place to relax in the summer: the temperature stays constant. However, it had some problems during the winter months: due to the heavy rains, it is often flooded. The boy plans to further expand his mini-house and is currently negotiating municipal permits to get all the documents in order. What will its small interior look like in the future?

source used: nypost

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