He Admits Having Driven For 70 Years Without A License Or Insurance: “I’ve Never Had An Accident!”

Passing a driving test is a real challenge for many people: there are young people who strive to pass both the highway code test and the driving test and have no difficulty. There are young people who work hard to pass the practical exam and the theoretical exam and who have no difficulty, but there are also those who have difficulty with the practical exam or the theoretical exam, and there There are many stories of people who have attempted the exams countless times. This man, however, broke all records. This 84-year-old Briton managed to drive for 70 years without any license, without ever being caught by the police. He never passed a driving test or the highway code, but he always drove and was never arrested. Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it?


image credit: BulwellPoliceUK/Facebook

The man was driving a Mini in the car park of a convenience store in the UK. Police were in the area for a routine check when they arrested the 84-year-old driver. The story was told by Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Police in a Facebook post. The man himself admitted to driving without a license and without insurance since the age of 12 – he managed to drive for more than seventy years, breaking the law, without ever getting caught. 


image credit: Not the actual photo – Flickr

In their message, police wrote: “We cannot believe what happened as the driver, born in 1938, admitted he had been driving without a license and without insurance since he was 12 years old and he had managed to never be stopped by the police. Luckily, he had never had an accident, had never caused anyone any injury and had never caused anyone to lose money. either by getting caught when he was not insured!” Controls in this area have been strengthened, and now there are modern control systems which, by means of a camera, are able to tell whether the car is insured or not. The police therefore appeal to all offenders, telling them: ” Get your papers in order, because justice will catch up with you…one day”. It is still unclear what the consequences will be for the man who has managed to ride without being worried for all these years. He could have to pay a hefty fine or even be arrested . 

source used: BulwellPoliceUK/Facebook

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