25 Absurd Coincidences That are Hard to Believe Happened

Some people believe in fate, that everything in life happens for a reason, it is predetermined and therefore out of their power. Others believe in an existence that is more of a series of random events and occurrences that, strange as they may seem, are pure chance.

Wherever your beliefs are on the destiny matching scale, these challenging scenarios will amaze you. The ‘Bored Panda’ portal has compiled a list of times when coincidences were so perfect, events so rare that even the most ardent skeptics may wonder if there weren’t some supernatural forces at play.

What’s the weirdest match you’ve ever come across? Let us know in the comments!

#1. “My friend tried to throw the keys at me at work, they got stuck in pipes on the ceiling like that.”

#2. “The print on the truck opposite is in the same place where my wife took her background photo.”

#3. “I accidentally dropped a plate and it broke in half perfectly. No fragments or splinters ”.

#4. What are the probabilities of this event?

#5. The car owner is very lucky.

#6. Bad timing: The first notification warns that there were 7 shots in a Florida nightclub. The second notification reports 7 new jobs that have been opened nearby.

#7. The clash of two bullets.

#8. These are the photos of William West and William West, and they are not related. They were both sent to Leavenworth Prison at the same time, in 1903, and after some confusion the staff realized that they had two different prisoners with exactly the same name, who looked exactly the same. They are part of the reason why fingerprints are now used for identification.

#9. A Swedish boy accidentally captures a green meteorite while looking for a northern lights.

#10. A mosquito for a dart.

#11. A flock of flamingos… in the shape of a flamingo.

#12. As strange as possible.

#13. I managed to capture this almost impossible moment. 

#14. This butterfly landed on its own photo.

#15. In very rare circumstances, it is possible to see a full 360-degree rainbow from an airplane.

#16. “My brother spent a year trying to get a flash photo. Caught this last night, I just noticed the boat in the lower left that says: perfect time.

#17. “My dad, a fisherman in Lake Attersee, Austria, just fished his lost old wallet in one of his fishing nets, after he had thrown it into the lake 20 years ago.

#18. This fire eater looks like he is kissing a dragon.

#19. Exact place, exact moment.

#20. A dragonfly landed on my friend’s foot and reflected her own tattoo.

#21. “Hometown zip code, jersey, race number, finish time: all 33607.”

#22. Mountains and trees lined up perfectly on this highway camper.

#23. Search.

#24. The dog gave birth to three puppies, each with its own corresponding number on its back.

Bonus: This bird landed on the page on itself.

Have you found a match this impressive? Leave us your anecdotes in the comments! Share this gallery of coincidences so great that they even seem a lie.

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