Hairdresser Develops Printing Technique On Hair: He Combines Art And Technology In Elegant Hairstyles

We are used to seeing particular haircuts and colorings: we like to experiment with our look and we rely on professionals who can improve our hairstyles. However, a Spanish stylist and hairdresser seem to go much further: he turns fashion trends upside down with his innovative technique. Instead of coloring the hair, he uses a photographic printing technique never used before.


image credit: alexisferrer01/instagram

Alexis Ferrer, with over 20 years of experience behind him, has over the years developed a new technique that allows him to recreate intricate but precise prints and colorful patterns on the hair of his clients and models. Before arriving at the final result, the stylist carried out many experiments. Alexis, in addition to being a professional in his field, has actually combined his passion for technology with that of art and nature.


image credit: alexisferrer01/instagram

On her Instagram profile, we can see different works: from strong prints for the bravest clients to more romantic and delicate prints for those who want an elegant and classy look. One collection seems to have been particularly popular: ” La Favorita”, inspired by the fabrics of the French bourgeoisie in vogue in the 18th century.


image credit: alexisferrer01/instagram

It all started in 2012 when Alexis, driven by the desire to represent dreams on the canvas of hair, put on a show for the International Trend Vision Awards of Wella Professionals. The aim of the collection was to show the darker part of the human soul, and on this occasion, the hairdresser decided to use the hair as if it were a painter’s canvas.  


image credit: alexisferrer01/instagram

From there he began to perfect the quality of printing and color, and began to work with digital prints made with photographic ink: the hair becomes a canvas on which to paint states. soul and on which to represent different eras. It is a way to dream, to fly, and to imagine new settings.


image credit: alexisferrer01/instagram

Alexis is convinced that the combination of technology and manual skills is the future in the world of aesthetics and he has received several awards: he was named Spanish hairdresser of the year and the “La Favorita” collection was a finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards, the UK’s premier competition. An undoubtedly new and very attractive technique, what do you think of the end result?

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