Gray Hair In Young People Can Regain Color If Stress Decreases: The Study.

As we age, our physique gives us fairly obvious signs of the passing of time. One of them is undoubtedly the appearance of white hair. There is no specific time for this to happen: for some people it is early, for others it is later. It is certain that not everyone is able to accept this phenomenon with self-sacrifice, which is why countermeasures are often taken.

In addition to being physiological, the causes can also be psychological in nature. So much so that young person who suffers from having some gray hair may, thanks to the research we are going to talk about, experience some relief.


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For the study in question, published in eLife, the researchers collected hair samples from 14 participants aged 9 to 65 . Some of them showed a more pronounced bleaching presence, others are less. By analyzing them in-depth and comparing the growth times, they made a rather unexpected discovery: in some of the subjects examined, the white hair returned to its original color.

These are 10 people who, declaring to feel more relaxed than when they took part in the study at the beginning, found “colors”. From their statements, the researchers delved into the subject, confirming that stress and the appearance of gray hair are two closely related factors.


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Explaining what they observed, the researchers indicated that this particular eventuality is only possible in young age groups and therefore not too advanced. “There is a time when the whitening process is much more reversible than previously thought,” said Ralf Paus, a dermatologist at the University of Miami.

“Reducing stress in a 70-year-old who already has gray hair is not going to darken his hair, just as increasing stress in a boy is not going to cause him to discolor his hair,” Paus said. There is indeed an ” aging factor” , linked to the lower production of melanin. It is certain, however, that the links between this phenomenon and states of emotional stress are now well established and proven, at least among young people. To the point that combating this phenomenon can lead to its reversibility.

What do you think? Stress control is definitely worth it, isn’t it?

source used: eLife

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