A Tourist Hangs 100 Meters High As The Glass Bridge Is Destroyed By Gusts Of Wind.

Imagine you are suspended on a glass bridge 100 meters above the ground, whipped by gusts of wind, and pieces of the structure around you are blown away one by one. No, we are not describing a scene from a movie, but what really happened in China, not far from the city of Longjing.

It is here, in the Piyan Mountains, that a glass bridge as spectacular as it is spooky was built. Like dozens of other similar structures in the Asian country, it quickly became a tourist attraction. But what if the force of the elements is such that it crushes everything? Ask the tourist who literally found himself clinging to the bridge as the wind swept over it. The images of what happened to speak for themselves.


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It all happened on May 7, 2021. The wind that day was blowing with peaks of 150 km / h , and it might not be a good idea to try to cross the glass bridge. However, this tourist still tried his hand at the feat. As he stood in the middle of the structure, the man was literally stranded . The gusts were so strong that they damaged, dismantled and washed away several panes of glass from the bridge, which quickly transformed into a dizzying walkway suspended in the void.

This is why the tourist, in this dramatic situation, had no choice but to hang on to the sides of the bridge, literally hovering between life and death. According to what we learned, in about half an hour, thanks to the intervention of firefighters, police, and officials who manage the structure, the man was saved.


He was immediately taken to hospital, underwent all necessary examinations, and received psychological help to overcome what was certainly trauma, a situation he will not so easily forget.

The image of what happened, initially shared by Chinese media, quickly toured the world, garnering millions of views. This story also raised many doubts about the safety of structures such as this bridge, which is quite common in China. Especially when the weather conditions are so prohibitive, it seems necessary to regulate the access and make sure these gateways are ready to withstand. Fortunately, in this case, the tourist got away with only a big fright!

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