Girl Sees Spider In Her House And Screams So Loud Neighbors Call Police.

The phobias are, by definition, unconscious fears and irrational that a person can feel towards others, particular situations, or pets. In the most extreme cases, it can even be limiting and paralyzing: the subject, confronted with his phobia or simply thinking about his phobia, finds it difficult to carry out normal daily activities. We all have irrational and inexplicable fears that are not the result of negative experiences or particular trauma. Hollie’s phobia is spiders and the young woman shared on social media the unpleasant, and perhaps even comical, situation she found herself in due to her irrational fear.


image credit: Hollie Hunter/Facebook

Hollie Hunter is a girl living in Livingston, Scotland who shared her bizarre and funny story about a harmless spider on social media. It was a regular night and Hollie was home. But suddenly, she sees the protagonist of her nightmares: a creature with eight legs, a spider, an insect of which she is very afraid. She screamed, totally unconscious and involuntary. She screamed so loudly that her screams frightened the neighbors who, alarmed and fearing that something serious had happened, immediately called the police.


image credit: Hollie Hunter/Facebook

Police arrived at Hollie’s home at 10:30 p.m. with two vans : they feared there was an intruder in the house. But Hollie said: “I just spent 40 minutes trying to get rid of a moth and then I came back to my room and found a huge spider at the end of my bed. I would honestly say she had it. the size of the palm of my hand. I was throwing books and when she ran towards me I screamed and started running in different rooms. ” The police, although called urgently, were fortunately very kind and helped the frightened girl get rid of the spider.


image credit: Hollie Hunter/Facebook

And, if you are wondering, the answer is yes: the police laughed and found the situation funny. They thought they had found an intruder or a thief, and continued their operation to get rid of a spider instead. Hollie felt mortified and sorry that the neighbors were so worried that even she didn’t realize how much she had screamed.


image credit: Elizabeth Praetz/Unsplash

However, the girl is relieved that the police had fun and helped her drive the dangerous intruder out of her house: now she can finally sleep in peace. 

source used: The Sun

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