Girl, 6, dies in freak badminton accident – wanted to be ‘saved’

It’s so sad that a 6-year-old girl passed away in a tragic accident while watching her family play badminton on vacation. My thoughts are with them. See comments for more information.

Lucy Morgan, a six-year-old girl, tragically died in a strange accident. A racket broke while she was swinging it downward, causing a piece of metal from the handle to pierce her skull. She sustained serious injuries.

When the tragedy occurred, the family was vacationing in Limerick, Maine.

Lucy’s father, Pastor Jesse Morgan, shared on his blog that his daughter was hit by a metal piece and was not conscious, but she was still able to breathe on her own. She was rushed to the closest hospital and later airlifted to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Jesse shared on his blog that she immediately went to the operating room upon arrival. Part of her skull was removed to relieve pressure and address her injury. She coded during the surgery but was successfully revived. The surgery was completed, and now in the PICU, they are informing them that the chances of her recovery are very slim.

Jesse mentioned that young Lucy had talked about meeting God a month before the accident that took her life. She asked her mom about being saved, and after a brief conversation, she went to her room to pray.

She prayed in her room, asking God for forgiveness and expressing her belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection. “What a blessing,” he penned.

Jesse gave information about how Lucy was doing.

Over the last 48 hours, the noticeable absence of brain activity shows how devastated we are. The only positive thing is that she hasn’t experienced any pain recently.

We will continue to wait for the Lord, seek other opinions, and explore every option while praying for a miracle,” he said. “But at this moment, our daughter has been displaying signs of brain death for several days. It’s very likely that she will pass away and be with Jesus in the next 24 hours.”

Medical personnel made every effort to save Lucy, but her injuries were too extensive.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a blog post today. Lucy Lynn Morgan passed away at 4am this morning. She is now with Jesus. Thank you for all the love and support. Jesse shared this photo from earlier today after saying goodbye to his girl.

The family received support from loved ones who set up a GoFundMe account. It has surpassed the original goal of $100,000 and is now close to reaching a new goal of $150,000, with over $140,000 raised.

Jill Anthony, the organizer, stated that this page is meant to offer generous financial assistance to cover expenses such as meals, accommodation for family members, medical bills, and any other needs while they are away from home.

Anthony provided an update stating that on June 5, Lucy went to be with the Lord. He requested prayers for the Morgans as they navigate the coming days, weeks, months, and years without Lucy.

Our deepest condolences for the family’s loss. May she rest in peace.

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