The Mistress Gets Out Of The Car And The German Shepherd Locks Himself In With The Air Conditioning On.

With the onset of hot weather and rising temperatures, we are all looking for cool, ventilated places where we can do our normal daily tasks – or just relax – without suffering too much from the heat. We go to the beach or the pool, we prefer to go out at night, we avoid spending too much time in the sun, we linger in the refrigerated section of the supermarket, we go to shopping malls where the air conditioning is always on. The animals also live better in cooler temperatures, and a German Shepherd from Olbia – an Italian town in northeastern Sardinia – has decided to lock himself in his mistress’s car. with the air conditioning on.


image credit: Not the actual photo – Sofia Guaico/Unsplash

The woman was near the parish of St Ignatius with her 6-month-old German Shepherd puppy. She parked her car and went to do some shopping. The temperature was very high and she decided to leave the air conditioning on – with the engine running – to keep her pup cool. Perhaps through negligence or thoughtlessness, the woman left her purse and car keys inside the car. The little German Shepherd, who was probably playing inside the car, pressed the button to close the doors from the inside .


image credit: Not the actual photo – Oliur/Unsplash

On her return, the woman was therefore unable to get into the car. A young boy came to his aid, but again in vain: even trying to force the lock, the car would not open. Worried about the dog, who was left alone, the woman called the fire department, whose response took about 40 minutes. As several people tried to open the door in the sun, the dog remained completely calm inside the car. The woman was finally able to access the car and her puppy, who had in the meantime enjoyed the cooler temperatures, not realizing the discomfort it had caused. The woman immediately thought of getting him out of the car, but we’re sure he would have preferred to stay cool. Why put up with the heat when you feel so good in the car with the air conditioning?

source used: The New Sardinia

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