Four-month-old dies after temperatures hit 120 degrees on family trip

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A baby girl, aged four months, passed away following exposure to high temperatures during a family boat trip.

Tanna Rae Wroblewski was taken to Lake Havasu Regional Medical Center in Arizona, US on 5 July at approximately 5:00pm after an incident during a family boat outing on the lake.

The youngster was ‘having a great time with her family at the lake’ to mark the Fourth of July – as per officials and a fundraising page created for her family – when Tanna supposedly ‘passed out’ and her family ‘promptly began performing CPR’ until the Lake Havasu City Fire Department ‘swiftly intervened to continue life-saving measures’.

Tanna was quickly taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center, where medical staff worked diligently to restore her pulse.

She was flown by helicopter to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where the doctors did everything they could to save her life, the GoFundMe continues.

It says: “However, God had different ideas and brought Tanna to heaven that evening.”

Tanna Rae Wroblewski, who is only four months old, was brought to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. (GoFundMe)

12News reported that the reason for Tanna’s death has not been made public yet, and the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is still looking into what happened.

But officials think that the little kid might have died because of the heat – it got up to 120°F in Lake Havasu, as per Accuweather.

Tanna’s family is now using social media to remember her.

There’s a donation page to help the family out. (GoFundMe)

The GoFundMe page says: “Tanna Rae Wroblewski, our real-life angel, is now an angel in heaven. We are so sad, our hearts are broken; we can’t even find the right words to express it.”

The Wroblewski family went through something they never thought could happen. What was supposed to be a fun day at the lake turned into a day they could never have imagined.

Our sweet little girl smiled at us one last time, and we kissed her goodbye. We’ll never know why you had to go so soon, you were just too amazing.

The Wroblewski family has lots of people who care about them, like family and friends. No one would ever think something terrible could happen, like having to arrange a funeral for their little baby girl who was only four months old.

Your love, thoughts, and prayers mean so much as they face the toughest, most unimaginable time in their lives.

If you need to talk to someone about losing a loved one, you can call The Compassionate Friends at (877) 969-0010 for a private conversation.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe/FaceBook/Alyssa Wolf Wroblewski

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