Found In Spain A Magnificent Crystal Dagger From 5,000 Years Ago. It Had “Magical” Powers.

Usually, when we think of a weapon from Antiquity, we think of objects made of stone or at most metal. Would you believe that a prehistoric dagger could be made of crystal? If the answer is no, think again, because some researchers in Spain have found themselves in front of an object of this kind, in all its magnificence.

5,000 years: it is difficult to imagine such a long period for our minds. Yet this fascinating prehistoric weapon has been buried in the megalithic tomb of Montelirio at least since 3000 BC, enough to amaze and amaze archaeologists from the universities of Granada and Seville. Ready to take a closer look?


image credit: Miguel Ángel Blanco de la Rubia – Daily Grail

Rock crystal: this is the material chosen by the skilled hands who forged the dagger. Such a weapon was far from easy to carve, and it seems that in the region of Montelirio – not far from Seville – there is a surprising number of tools made with this raw material. Experts have found dozens of arrowheads and other items used to craft weapons, all rigorously crafted from crystal.


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It is not a rare ancient material in the Iberian Peninsula, but this particular dagger is exceptional because there are no nearby crystal mining sites. It is precisely this peculiarity that has led researchers to deduce that Montelirio’s objects may have been purchased from afar, perhaps intended for personalities of the time.


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“Elite” weapons, therefore, the purpose of which still raises many questions. It is certain that, according to some studies, the rock crystal symbolized the vitality, the powers of the other world, and the relationship with the ancestors. A real magical material, which makes this dagger a kind of special object, even more, fascinating if we compare it to the period when it was made. Discoveries like this can only arouse fascination, don’t you think?

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 Daily Grail

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