This Raised Cabin Super-yacht Is A True Floating Paradise Of Luxury And Comfort.

When we read or hear the word ” yacht ” we are immediately transported to a very specific context: that of luxury, atmospheres full of comfort and clearly intended for those who can afford them. If, however, a simple yacht is not enough to define the wealth of a person, know that what we are going to present to you sets the bar of opulence much higher than usual.

The reason? Just look: the Shaddai is a true floating paradise, a vehicle costing millions and therefore for millionaires, in front of which one can only remain speechless. Are you ready to find out?


image credit: Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Designs

Just its name, this super-yacht sets the record straight. Shaddai means ” almighty ” in Hebrew. And the boat designed by Italian designer Gabriele Teruzzi is as close as possible to the epitome of luxury and opulence. The design studio that created it – so far it’s just a concept – defines it as simply “off the beaten track”.

The first thing that jumps out at the pictures is its shape, which is decidedly different from what we are used to finding in similar boats. “To rise from the ground has been a human desire from the very beginning,” reads Teruzzi’s web page, which is why the yacht owner’s cabin is located high up.


image credit: Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Designs

From there, still according to the designer, “one can experience a feeling of omnipotence, surrounded by the immensity of the sea and the sky , it is like being in paradise”. It is therefore no coincidence that the main cabin is more than 38 meters from the rest of the yacht, which is 150 meters long .


image credit: Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Designs

Impressive values, to which is added another rather important figure: the price . The cost of this hyper-luxurious yacht is estimated at around 250 million dollars : it is so expensive that few people will be able to afford it, if the project does indeed become a reality.


image credit: Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Designs

Another thing that stands out, on the elevated cabin, is the infinity pool, which gives an “infinity” effect with the water all around.

But luxury on the Shaddai isn’t just for owners: it’s literally everywhere, accompanied by futuristic, avant-garde lines and shapes, inspired by the latest architecture.


image credit: Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Designs

For those who have to “limit themselves” to the lower floors, there is indeed no less than 300 square meters of the beach club, as well as a second infinity pool, which is the ceiling of a lounge area.


image credit: Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Designs

In short, everything is designed to stylishly restore the ultimate feeling of omnipotence, comfort, and harmony. While this is a purchase reserved for the privileged few, let’s be honest: who wouldn’t love to take a vacation on this floating paradise?

Source used:

 Gabriele Teruzzi Yachts & Designs

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