Plainclothes Firefighter Saves Motorist With 15,000 Bees In His Car.

Although bees are important animals for our survival, for the health and future of the planet, it is certainly not very pleasant to be in the middle of a swarm of thousands of individuals, perhaps in a confined space such as the passenger compartment of the car.

If you think this is an extreme situation, unfortunately, it isn’t, because that’s exactly what happened to a man in Las Cruces, New Mexico, when he found his car literally invaded by 15,000 yellow and black insects. It was certainly an unpleasant surprise since the intervention of the firefighters was necessary. One of them, in particular, has acted in a truly exemplary manner.


image credit: Las Cruces Police Department/Facebook

For those who do not have a good relationship with insects, the situation experienced by American men could be the materialization of the worst nightmare imaginable. Think for a second of 15,000 bees: that’s a huge number, especially considering that they were all concentrated inside the car of this unfortunate man, guilty – so to speak – of leaving the window. opened while shopping in a store.

Luckily for him, among the firefighters called in was also Jesse Johnson , a firefighter who was off duty at the time and who in his spare time devotes himself passionately to beekeeping. A really useful hobby for this situation, since the firefighter was able to come to the scene equipped with everything necessary to safely remove the bees from the car, saving both the insects and the people present.


image credit: Las Cruces Police Department/Facebook

So, with a special beehive kit, lemongrass oil, gloves, and appropriate clothing, Johnson expertly and carefully removed the bees from the back seat of the car and moved them to a safer location. This is an operation that is not usually performed by firefighters, although at that time the situation was such that it deserved such an intervention.


image credit: Las Cruces Police Department/Facebook

There were a lot of bees in the car and in a heavy traffic area. The unfortunate driver indeed realized their presence when he had already moved a little away from the store, and the entire area where he stopped was isolated and made safe by the firefighters. It is not known exactly why the bees chose to settle there in this car. What is certain is that the courageous firefighter acted with professionalism and courage in the end, after an intervention that lasted about 2 hours, very few people present suffered from bites.

source used: Las Cruces Police Department

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