Find The Cat Hidden Among The Pigeons: The Visual Game To Be Solved In A Minimum Of Time.

Are you ready to put your cognitive skills to the test? In order to solve a visual game such as the one we propose below, our brain performs a large number of operations related to our attentional states.

Depending on what type of person you are, you develop a series of visual strategies to identify the intruder – in this case, a cat – in a design specially made to trick your visual device. But there is a little trick to solving the visual puzzle …


image credit: MundoConectado – Somos Conectados/Facebook

“Visual puzzles” are increasingly popular on the Internet. The goal of these games is to find a foreign element within a drawing organized in such a way as to confuse our attention.

There are different strategies to solve this type of puzzle, depending on the reasoning and character of each:

– The methodical: the most meticulous people analyze each element of the drawing by looking at it one by one in an online search from left to right.

– Spontaneity: people with a more developed artistic sense let their gaze quickly browse the drawing by free paths, letting themselves be inspired by the composition of the drawing.

– The strategists: there are those who analyze the image by quadrants as if it were a Cartesian grid.

These types of researchers are usually put in great difficulty if they are forced to solve the puzzle within a set amount of time. In this case, the game has a maximum time limit of 18-20 seconds. Are you ready to try to find the cat hidden among all these pigeons? Remember, if you don’t want to know the puzzle solution right away, don’t scroll down the page! If you gave up, go to the explanation.

Among the pigeons in the row, there is indeed an “infiltrated” cat that you must find within 18 seconds. It should be noted that this type of challenge generates an optical illusion due to the repetition of the figures, accentuated by the same colors. In countries like the United States, Mexico, and Spain, this image immediately went viral, with dozens of users pointing out how complicated it is to solve the game in such a short time because of its visual characteristics.

Solution: Before you scroll down the page, are you really sure you want to give up?


image credit: MundoConectado – Somos Conectados/Facebook

If you haven’t found it, we’ll tell you. Look closely at the right side of the drawing. In the second row at the bottom right, the little head of a kitty emerges, well camouflaged among all the rows of birds.

Of course, you have to have a good eye to be able to see it immediately in such a complex and stimulating visual. And yet, there is a little trick: breath deeply, relax completely, and eliminate the interference of thoughts and the anxiety that comes with it. In this almost meditative state, attention is focused more effectively and more precisely. Try it to believe it!

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