Father Brings Children’s Drawings To Life And Turns Them Into Bizarre-looking Animals.

Children have a lot of imagination and even before learning to write they try their hand at drawing. They take a sheet of paper, a pencil, a few colored pencils and create cute works that reflect their view of the world and situations. They draw a forest, a house, their family members, and animals: although they are not very realistic, they represent their personal interpretation, and for this reason, these drawings should always be appreciated. How many times have children – and you as a child – presented their work to their parents or teachers with pride? Artist and father of two Tom Curtis celebrate children’s creativity and turns their drawings into animals at thebizarre anatomy .


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

In his series called ” Things I Drew “, Curtis uses Photoshop to transform children’s sketches into three-dimensional figures: their uniqueness is that they look real, despite their incredibly bizarre appearance.


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

Curtis’ series began in 2016: after carefully observing his children’s drawings and the strokes they reproduced, Tom decided to turn them into “living” works of art.  


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

The eyes and mouth are often on the same side of the head; the birds have separate beaks and mouths, often sharp teeth, an eloquent smile, distorted legs, the perspective being totally absent.


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

What would the world be like if the things the children painted were real? What if children’s drawings were real and the “fault” fell on the adults, who do not observe the world well enough? From these questions was born the project, which was then shared on an Instagram page , which today has more than 800,000 followers.


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

The series has been incredibly successful, and that’s certainly thanks to the eccentric charm of the animals it portrays.


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

Tom shares all kinds of animals: dolphins, raccoons, dogs, birds, hybrid animals.


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

However, it is not limited to reproducing the designs using advanced graphic tools: the series has also been successful for the message it conveys.


image credit: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

Children’s creativity must be supported and cultivated: laughing at their representations of the world, which seem distorted to us, is a mistake and teaches us to wear the lens of wonder thanks to which they are able – every day – to observe the little ones. things with wonder

source used: thingsihavedrawn/instagram

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