Farmer Accidentally Finds Ancient Treasure In His Fields: 1,753 Roman Coins.

Another great treasure made of Roman coins was found by chance in Poland. The great discovery was made by Mariusz Dyl, a farmer who, with the help of mechanical means of agriculture, prepared his fields for new seed, and instead found an invaluable treasure : ancient Roman coins. With 1,753 coins from the 1st and 2nd centuries in his hands, the farmer immediately contacted the  Hrubieszów Museum to raise the alarm. It is the largest and most remarkable Roman find of its kind in Poland.


image credit: Stanisław Staszic The Hrubieszów Museum

The 1,753 Roman coins weigh a total of 5 kg and bear on the reverse the portraits of various Roman emperors, including Nerva (96-98 AD) and Septimius Severus (193-211 AD). According to Andrzej Kozłowski, of the Lublin Institute of Archeology, “this find will be the crown of Polish archeology”: it is indeed a very important find and the farmer has been widely praised for his civic sense. 


image credit: Stanisław Staszic The Hrubieszów Museum

From what experts could see, the coins likely belonged to a Germanic population , possibly the Vandals , who settled in this part of Poland during the Roman occupation. One hypothesis to evaluate is that the pieces were quickly hidden (and abandoned) around AD 200 , before the arrival of the Goths .


image credit: Pxfuel

Thanks to this farmer’s luck and his high sense of civic duty, we have the opportunity to “touch” coins that are approximately 2,000 years old . Fortunately, this “little” treasure has not been lost.

source used: Science in Poland

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