15 Photos Show How Difficult But Fascinating It Can Be To Face Winter In Freezing Weather.

There are those who love winter and find it magical to play in the snow, to sip an herbal tea next to the radiator, to watch the windows steam up, to wear several layers – preferably wool or pilou pilou – when they go out and face the low temperatures. There are those who, on the contrary, cannot stand this season and therefore decide to lock themselves inside until the arrival of an invigorating sun. One thing is certain: with the arrival of freezing temperatures, below zero, it becomes difficult to accomplish any task. But there is a positive even in the difficulties and these fifteen people, living in really cold places, managed to take photos that send chills down your spine.

#1. We can see a glow of sunlight, but it doesn’t seem enough to melt the ice on this man’s face.

image credit: nemotes/imgur

#2. This car is completely covered with a thick layer of snow: compliance with safety distances becomes compulsory.

image credit: Maamalam / imgur

#3. Someone had the brilliant idea of ​​fitting the wipers, otherwise the car completely covered in snow would not even be visible.

image credit: TakeOffYouHoser/imgur

#4. We don’t know how bravely this person is holding this translucent piece of ice!

image credit: asappaolo / instagram

#5. How did the snow get into the car? Someone surely forgot to roll down the windows …

image credit: Retrosh4rk/imgur

#6. This is the show this person witnessed: after an apartment flooded, the water froze because of the temperatures.

image credit: mymbaka / pikabu

#7. This person has grasped the magic of cold and his way of making nature magical.

image credit: nicolevenrheyden/instagram

#8. This man has courage: the courage to go out despite the temperatures, without bundling up from head to toe!

image credit: mml0616/imgur

#9. This time, it is better to hold back and think twice before going to the bathroom: the frozen seat is not promising …

image credit: therealchickenchaser/imgur

#10. A road with a thick layer of snow: how to cross it? Are there any boots that can protect your feet from these temperatures?

image credit: riaakatariina/instagram

#11. This is what is happening in Siberia: the gas pump can hold up thanks to the ice. Have you ever seen such a thing?

image credit: 2manytoys/reddit

#12. Even the noodles fell victim to the low temperatures. How to eat now? Will a microwave suffice?

image credit: virginityrocks/reddit

#13. A leaf emerges from the snow and the question we ask ourselves is: what is still behind this thick white blanket?

image credit: manu.sien_0210 / instagram

#14. The cold gives this woman a new mascara, for an icy look with thick lashes. Frost can be fascinating!

image credit: atybjsje_instagram

#15. Fresh snow has settled on the pool and the cold has frozen what used to be water to splash in.

image credit: wecontroleverything/reddit

We too have suffered from the cold and we often complain about it. But, after seeing these pictures, are we still sure that the cold that we are used to is really cold?

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