15 Examples Of Stairs So Absurd That We Doubt The Lucidity Of The People Who Designed Them.

Stairs, in a house or building, have an irresistible charm and designers have a lot of fun creating really special ones. We often see braided railings, elaborate marble, elegant surfaces that can immediately project us into the magical world of castles and princesses. But unfortunately, there are also stairs that challenge all common sense, making doubt of the lucidity of those who designed them: often, they lead absolutely nowhere, other times, they are covered with a carpet that does not make it possible to distinguish the steps, others still are suspended and take bizarre shapes. In short, you will find a bit of everything. From now on, watch out for walking!

#1. This flight of stairs in front of a door was built for what? Those who leave the room must be very careful.

image credit: Vjaa/reddit

#2. Aesthetically, they are certainly beautiful and modern, but what about safety?

image credit: Cyreniac/reddit

#3. The choice of carpet on these stairs was certainly not adequate: it looks like a flat floor.

image credit: scienceyeaux/reddit

#4. Even those stairs, located right under the shower, aren’t exactly the best: you have to remember to take a good look at the floor.

image credit: jLynx/reddit

#5. Those stairs at the front of the building literally go nowhere. Hope someone doesn’t have the idea to use them.

image credit: reddit

#6. In this case too, the choice of parquet could not have been less appropriate: you can barely make out the steps.

image credit: DurkleR/reddit

#7. These innovatively designed stairs seem really hesitant and unreliable: why do the steps have different heights and slopes?

image credit: SlumberingParrot/reddit

#8. These stairs do not lead to anything either: you go down each step and you come to a wall.

image credit: dylangleit/reddit

#9. What is the point of putting a carpet with strange patterns on the stairs?

image credit: WeAllHaveAFavouriteTeaspoon/imgur

#10. When you decide to go up and down these stairs, you must be wide awake: do not venture out without having had a coffee first.

image credit: Elmaaro/reddit

#11. These stairs are designed to give you an adrenaline-fueled experience every time you use them.

image credit: Peeped/reddit

#12. We often see bizarre stairs, but this one wins the award for its imagination and design.

image credit: salamanca2792/reddit

#13. These stairs must have been designed only for pets and children: an adult cannot reach the top.

image credit: CapnRedbeard647/reddit

#14. These stairs are dizzyingly high: were they created to reach the top floor or to work the legs?

image credit: paulcbel/reddit

#15. You think you are going down the stairs when suddenly the step moves to the right and the next to the left.

image credit: True_Duke_Of_Spook/reddit

After seeing these photos, we’re sure you’ll look at the stairs with a different and more critical eye. Which of these creations would you never want in your home?

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