14 Image That Proves Everything You Know is a Lie.

Our eyes can deceive us.

Everything we know may not be as we imagine it. Between marketing, visual deception and fashions we can see a world that is not how they show it to us.

In the following gallery you will find 17 images that are reliable proof that life is very different:

#1 The lid on this coffee is made to make it appear larger than it is

#2 This is how cobblestones are made in the streets

#3 Is it 10 or 11?

#4 Although it is called “Hawaiian Pizza” the reality is that its creation was in Canada.

#5 I’ve been thinking all morning about whether this is scary or not.

#6 The way they trick you into believing it’s full

#7 Have you ever wondered why the Froot loops are of different colors if they all taste the same?

#8 A touch-up of color on the lawn.

#9 This is how stores deceive us

#10 Not even instant soups are to be trusted.

#11 subway sandwiches are not 12 inches long.

#12 Another way to make pavers:

#12 Makeup is the first barrier to honesty, right?

#13 Don’t trust packaged foods either.

#14 One day you think you have found the love of your life and a little water later

#Extra. Today’s advertising is always trying to send us a hidden message

Do you have any more examples of how they cheat us every day? Feel free to leave them in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends so they can learn not to trust their eyes either.

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