The 6 Euro Coins That Can Be Worth Thousands, Sought After Around The World

The coins are worth much less than the tickets because they have a lower monetary value, but there are cases where the parts have a higher value, far above the amount printed. These are rare coins, considered as such because they circulate in very small numbers or because they have been minted with an error , which greatly increases their value.

In Europe , for example, there are 2 euro coins that can be worth up to thousands of euros and that we might have in our wallets without even knowing it! Take a look at the back of the coins to make sure you’re not giving away a much rarer than you might think!

#1. Malta

This coin celebrates the date of Malta’s first elections , which took place in 1849; it is of inestimable value to the inhabitants of the country, but it is rare because only 430,000 coins have been put into circulation. This is why its value is estimated at around 20 euros.

#2. Spain

This coin celebrates the anniversary of Economic and Monetary Union . Several were created to celebrate the same occasion and the value of the coin depends on its edition and its year: approximately, the value of this coin varies from 60 to 140 euros. 

#3. Slovenia

This coin celebrates the Treaty of Rome , the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, 50 years after its signature. About 40,000 coins were minted and the value of each of them is around 40 euros. 

This piece represents the prehistoric cruciform sculpture found in the Cypriot town of Pomos. It most likely represents a woman symbol of fertility. A few years ago, 90,000 coins were put into circulation, and its value reached 200 euros. 

#4. San Marino

This coin represents the half-bust of Bartolomeo Borghesi , famous numismatist (expert in coins and their history). Each of its pieces is rare and is worth around 190 euros.

#5. Monaco

It is one of the most valuable pieces. The coin in question represents the famous Grace Kelly , who became princess in 1956 after her marriage to Rainier III of Monaco. Finding it means having in your hands a coin worth much more than the one printed on your face: at auction, it can even bring in 3000 euros.

#6. Vatican City

This coin commemorates the Youth Days which were held in Cologne in 2005. It has been minted in 100,000 copies and is worth around 300 euros. 

image credit: Santeri Viinamäki / Wikimedia

Now you know it’s worth taking a look at the backs of the 2 euro coins to see if you have a rare coin in your hands that could be worth a lot bigger than you think!

via: fleur-de-coin

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