England, Seized Of A Replica Of Noah’s Ark: “It Is Not Suitable For Navigation”

Gigantic, faithful to details and reconstruction, ready to navigate the waters, but inexorably immobilized for about two years. We’re talking about the incredible Noah’s Ark replica owned by TV producer Aad Peters. What made him want such a model? Simple: the intention to make it a floating museum, which would tell the biblical stories with sculptures and explanations.

Almost nothing, however, went as planned, as the huge ship, a legendary symbol of salvation and safety in difficult situations like the Universal Flood, actually can sail on its own, and has been deemed unsuitable. Reasons why, for months, the ark has been seized and immobilized in England.


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The gigantic replica of the famous Ark used according to the biblical myth by the savior Noah during the flood, is not said to be as safe as that described in the legend. So much so that when she arrived in Ipswich, Britain, the Coast Guard saw fit to seize her.


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The reason? ” It is not specific to navigation “, which seems almost an absurdity when one considers the nature and the importance of this means of transport. According to media and local authority reports, this Ark replica lacks several other specific features, devices, and treatments intended not to harm marine life or ensure passenger safety. So many reasons which, put end to an end, have caused the big boat to remain stationary since 2019.


image credit: VerhalenArk

And although she had sailed uneventfully before, nothing could be done against the English maritime bureaucracy , creating an unprecedented international affair in the Channel Island. Biblical proportions, you might say. Firefighting equipment, lifeboats, and life jackets are said to be other items deemed unsuitable on the arch, which is why British authorities are refusing it to leave Ipswich.


image credit: VerhalenArk

But that’s not all. For all these breaches, Peters has been fined more than £ 65,000 , while the local port continues to charge him daily for his moored boat. According to the manufacturer, his arch “must not comply with international regulations” because it is an “uncertified floating object”.


image credit: VerhalenArk

According to the owner, it would therefore not be a real ship, but it could still accommodate passengers and move them from one part to another. A bureaucratic impasse between the Netherlands (the country of origin of the ark) and Great Britain, which does not seem to end …


image credit: iHoorn. NL/Youtube

” We cannot rely on the grace of God to tow her to Holland, said the British Maritime Agency, safety is our top priority.” Built by carpenter Johan Huibers in 1960, this replica cost Peters an astronomical sum of $ 3.7 million, not to mention the costs of fitting out and transporting live animals on board, which were then replaced by sculptures.


image credit: iHoorn. NL/Youtube

A hell of a story, isn’t it? The ark is certainly not as secure and stable a replica as the original, and it doesn’t seem suited to surviving a flood!

Source used:


 The New York Times

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